Ruben Saufkie Sr.

Patkiwungwa Water Clan – Messenger Of H2OPI
Sharing Compassion For Peace Through Water For All Beings On Mother Earth.



Ruben Saufkie Sr. Hopi Patkiwungwa Water Clan. Ruben is a Water Messenger of H2OPI – dedicated to s
haring compassion for peace through WATER for All Beings on Mother Earth. We Are Water ~ Water Is Life

2021 SHEDULE ~

  • March 11  – World Water Day Water Ceremony for Peace & Consciousness Experiment – WATCH VIDEO
  • March 12 – 19 – and repeat again 
  • August 12 – 19 at 11AM EST – for our
    8 Days of Global Love & Gratitude Water Meditation & Consciousness Experiment ** For each guided session we conduct an experiment with, we will also conduct repeat experiments so that we can compare the results.
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We are Water ~ Flow like Water.
Lightning and Thunder are Energy
~ to give us strength to endure
ALL challenges 
we face in life.
~ Ruben Saufkie Sr.

Hopi artist, Ruben Saufkie, Sr. of the Water Clan has been silversmithing since 1988 in the Hopi overlay process. He learned from his grandfather, Paul Saufkie, Sr., who created the silversmithing program at the Hopi Co-Op Guild so the jewelry-making tradition could continue into future generations. Ruben also learned the technique of tufa casting and is now combining the two styles together to create unique and one-of-a kind jewelry.

“My five children and my wife, Barbie, have been the greatest gift Creator has gifted me. One other gift given to me by the Creator is the art of making jewelry,” 

Ruben says he shares his life journey through all his jewelry. In his jewelry, Ruben uses the designs and inspiration from his ancestors seen in petroglyphs. He has been sober for over 20 years and uses his jewelry to share a message of strength and healing.

Rain Cloud on top.
Water Flowing in Center.
Thunder Rolling on left.

Lightning on right side.

‘We are Water ~ Flow like Water.
Lightning and Thunder are Energy
~ to give us strength to endure
ALL challenges we face in life.’
~ Ruben Saufkie Sr.

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