Winter Solstice Water Meditation & Experiment

Winter Solstice Silent Meditation & Water Experiment  The solstice signifies a life-death-rebirth cycle with recognition of “new beginnings” and clearing for the New Year. ~ Let’s harness the power of Winter Solstice by uniting for the purpose of peace. The winter solstice & this LIVE experiment begins on December 21. 2020 at 10:02 UTC / 5:02AM […]

Full Moon Water Meditation & Water Experiment #3

FULL MOON WATER MEDITATION & LIVE WATER EXPERIMENT #3 Let's harness the force of this full moon by uniting for the purpose of peace within and around the world. When the moon is full over the water sample in Germany. Together we will hold a 30 minute Water Meditation & Experiment where we will collectively […]

New Year’s Day Live Stream & Experiment Series

JAN 1 - NEW YEAR'S DAY LIVE STREAM ON FACEBOOK DEDICATED TO THE LIFE & LOVE OF MASARU EMOTO:   Water Crystal Exhibit Live Stream JAN 1 @ 11:00 AM EST  The Secret Life Of Water Live Stream JAN 1 @ 11:11 AM EST JOIN FREE via Facebook/LIVE  JAN 1 - 7 WATER MEDITATION & […]