World Water Festival MA•TSU•RI  2022

MA•TSU•RI  2022 @ The World WILL Change. If I Change, the World Will Change. Now, Let's Open the Door for a Great Future Together. OCTBER 1 - 17 2022 - Free Online Event Connect the whole world as ONE, and pray for peace together. Register Free OCT 1-14 LECTURE LIVESTREAM - featuring global teachers […]

Full Moon Water Meditation & Water Experiment


MONTHLY FULL MOON WATER MEDITATION & LIVE WATER EXPERIMENT  Let’s harness the force of this full moon by uniting for the purpose of peace within and around the world. When the moon is full over the water sample in Germany. Together we will hold a 30 minute Water Meditation & Experiment where we will collectively […]

Water Ceremony & Collective Consciousness Experiment Series


MONTHLY Water Ceremony & LIVE Collective Consciousness Experiment Series 2022 ~ Water Peace Project’s Monthly Global Water Ceremony of Love & Gratitude for Peace. In collaboration with AquaPsy for a series of Collective Consciousness Experiments HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Water Peace Project will livestream a 30 minute global water ceremony where global participants will join at […]

Global Love & Gratitude Water Meditation & Water Experiment


WATER PEACE PROJECT PRESENTS ~  Global Love & Gratitude Daily Meditation & Experiment Series - 8 Days  Monthly on the 12 - 19 Connecting through Water for Peace ~ A journey through water, space and your heart. Water holds the answer all the questions: Who are we, where did we come from, and why are […]

Intermittent Fasting & Consciousness Experiment


WATER PEACE PROJECT PRESENTS ~ Intermittent Fasting & Consciousness Experiment Series - 2 DAYS - For two days participants will tune into to love & gratitude while fasting on water for 24 hours on the 20th at 6pm (your local time) to 6pm on the 21st. Participants will tune for two 30 minute water experiments […]