Intermittent Fasting & Consciousness Experiment

WATER PEACE PROJECT PRESENTS ~ Intermittent Fasting & Consciousness Experiment Series - 2 DAYS - For two days participants will tune into to love & gratitude while fasting on water  for 24 hours from June 20th at 6pm (your local time) to 6pm June 21st. Participants will tune for two 30 minute water experiments on […]

Water Ceremony & Collective Consciousness Experiment Series

MONTHLY Water Ceremony & LIVE Collective Consciousness Experiment #11 on July 11 2021 ~ Water Peace Project’s Monthly Global Water Ceremony of Love & Gratitude for Peace. In collaboration with AquaPsy for a series of 12 Collective Consciousness Experiments HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Water Peace Project will livestream a 30 minute global water ceremony where global […]

Water Ceremony & Water Crystal Experiment

WATER PEACE PROJECT PRESENTS ~ Water Ceremony & Water Crystal Photography Experiment Series of 4 ~  A Global Water Ceremony of Love & Gratitude & Water Crystal Photography Experiment LIVE STREAM with Water Researchers Lindsay Fox - Hiro Emoto - Dr. Kumanga Andrahennadi - To participate in the global water crystal experiment please tune in […]